Samurai Showdown

Samurai Showdown, the characters are large and the action unrelenting as15 fighters compete in an awesome sword battle, winning ‘graphic cards’ that offer new abilities [Continue Reading]

Crush Roller

Crush Roller is probably better known in Japan than the West ­ but once European gamers get their hands on this frighteningly addictive arcade ‘paint-’em-up’ [Continue Reading]


PAC-MAN is a 100 per cent accurate conversion of the original ­ the first time on a handheld system ­ featuring your four favorite ghosts [Continue Reading]

Pocket Tennis

A saviour for tennis fans everywhere: Pocket Tennis features all the lobs, rallies, smashes and aces the real game does ­ the advantage here being [Continue Reading]

Turf Masters

Keen golfers can improve their virtual handicaps on the fore-king excellent Turf Masters which is as playable a golf game as you’ll find on any [Continue Reading]

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